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5 interesting facts about the Alcan Highway


The Alcan Highway or Alaska Highway is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Alaska. It was built in 1942. This road connects Alaska to the other states of U.S. This highway has lots of history behind it. Here are some interesting facts about the Alcan Highway.

1. Before Alaska Highway was built, the main transportation system to Alaska was by water. During the World War II, people faced hazards of shipping supplies by water. In order to get relief from this situation, the Alaska Highway was built.

2. The construction of the Alaska Highway is known as the “greatest engineering feats of the 20th century”. Men had to work under extreme weather conditions. Temperatures ranged from minus seventy degrees to ninety degrees above the zero level.

3. It is now one of the greatest tourist attractions in Alaska. From May to September each year, people gather here for the most scenic drive of their lives.

4. In 1942, military trucks were unable to pass through this highway. After World War II, when it was opened to the civilian traffic, it had to close down again after a short while as there were too many traffic. During 1980s the Canadian portion of the highway was paved with gravel. Now, it has two-lane highway which provides comfort and safety.

5. You can see wild animals down the paved drive. These include moose, black bear, wolf, caribou, mountain goats, fox, horses, etc.

The Alcan Highway is known as the legendary road of the North. It served an important purpose in 1942. Since then there have been lots of developments on the highway. Now people come here every year to experience the spectacular drive. You must also come here at least once to experience the great ride.

4 events in Alaska that you shouldn’t miss


Alaska is a state of natural beauty, activities, heritage and fun! There are plenty of events round the year to keep you in good mood always. Here are the top 4 events in Alaska this year.

Alaska State Fair

Alaska State Fair

This is a traditional fair being organized for the last 75 years. This event takes place just before the long Alaskan winter starts. It started as a celebration of the Mat-Su colonists in 1936. Now it’s an annual state event.There are concerts, carnival

Now it’s an annual state event.There are concerts, carnival rides and games, food, various exhibits, etc. The fair will take place from August 27 to September 7 this year.

Mt. Marathon Race

mt marathon

This race started in 1915, and now is being organized regularly as part of the Independence Day celebration in Seward. In 1985, 54 women completed the race. Juniors started racing from 1994. From 2005, the seniors started participating. This is just 3 miles long. But it involves climbing and descending the Mt. Marathon which is 3,022 feet above the sea level. The race also includes navigating cliffs, slippery loose

From 2005, the seniors started participating. This is just 3 miles long. But it involves climbing and descending the Mt. Marathon which is 3,022 feet above the sea level. The race also includes navigating cliffs, slippery loose rocks and steep inclines. Everyone just loves the challenge!

Fur Rendezvous Festival

Fur Rendezvous Festival

This festival has been celebrating the joy of Alaskan winter for the last 75 years.

There are races, snowshoe softball, art and snow sculpture contest, sled-dog race, and the Alaskan ‘running of the reindeer’.

Alyeska Slush Cup

Alyeska Slush Cup

Skiers dress up in crazy costumes and go down the hill across the icy pond. This event takes place every April at Alyeska Resort.

This event has been taking place for the last 38 years. It is part of the Spring Carnival. About 50 people participate in this event. It’s great fun to watch this event.

All these events have been part of Alaskan tradition for many years. These events are not only great to watch but also you have a great time with so many people around. If you plan to visit Alaska, then plan your trip during the time of these events. Your holiday will be more enjoyable.

3 most amazing places in Alaska


Alaska is one of the most beautiful places on earth. It is an isolated place full of natural beauty, diverse range of species, birds and wildlife. Here are the 3 most amazing places in Alaska.

Glacier Bay National Park

Glacier Bay National Park

This is located in southeastern Alaska. It is one of the UNESCO World heritage site. You will see lots of glaciers here.

You will find a wide range of wildlife here as well. You can move around kayaking. About 40,000 tourists flock around here every year.

Denali National Park

Denali National Park

You can do lots of activities in this beautiful park. You can view wildlife, go hiking or camping as well. You can view the great Mount McKinley in Alaska Range from here.

This park is famous for its highest peak Mount McKinley. This mountain is 20,320 feet tall and is one of the highest peaks in North America. You can find diverse fauna in this region. There are 37 species of mammals and 150 kinds of birds as well.

Kenai Fjords National Park

Kenai Fjords National Park

This was established in 1980. The park is 1,760 miles long. Visiting this park seems like you are in the ice age period.

It’s most prominent feature is it’s huge ice field. It is a home of different species and mammals.

Alaska is a must visit place with your family. It’s natural beauty will amaze you. If you are an adventure seeker then Alaska is the right place to visit this holiday.

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